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If seasons come and go, is it possible to get back missed opportunities ...?


Question of The Week: If seasons come and go, is it possible to get back missed opportunities or does God replace the missed opportunities with new ones?

If we see a seventy-year-old dress like a teenager, use teenage slang and wear a teen’s hairstyle, we’re going to look at him very strangely. Why? Because his time as a teenager has passed. All of that would be normal for him if he was fifty-one to fifty-seven years younger. But that time in his life is over. Ecclesiastes 3:1 says “to everything there is a season, a time for every purpose under heaven.” In other words, timing is everything. Living our God-designed lives has a great deal to do with recognizing and maximizing the seasons of our lives. If we are functioning in the right season, things are great. But it’s problematic to try to live in a season that’s already passed. This leads to our first question: How do we know when a season in our life has passed?

One definite characteristic of seasons is change. Just like the weather, we must always have life’s thermometer nearby and ready to shift when necessary. Naturally, our gifts will remain the same. But how we use our gifts and the beneficiaries of our gifts will change. For example, a musician may play for a crowd of his peers which consists of youth, and later his peer audience group will be seniors. It’s the same gift, but used in accordance with the seasonal shift in his life. Apart of the change factor is emphasis. For instance, one person may be a gifted actor and teacher. Maybe by day their mainstream employment is being a school teacher, but on the evenings and weekends they perform with a local theater group. So, being able to effectively shift between teaching and acting is a result of identifying and maximizing the change of the audiences’ expectations. One audience is needing lessons explained, while the other is needing storied portrayed.

One of the greatest lessons about seasons is found in Mark 11:12-14, 20-24. Jesus went to a fig tree to get fruit but it only had leaves. Subsequently, Jesus cursed the tree and it withered. The leaves suggested that there would be fruit, but there was none. This serves as a reminder to us that when Jesus comes expecting results, we must be able to produce fruit. Jesus’ will and plan sets the stage for the season should be functioning in. Regardless of what others suggest or expect, if God expects fruit we should be producing. Our seasons are up to God, and His timing often clashes with man’s.

More questions....

  • Why do you think some people have difficulty transitioning into new seasons in their lives?

  • How do we prepare others to take our roles in the future, without quitting prematurely?

STUDY REFERENCE SCRIPTURES: Ecclesiastes 3:1-8, Mark 11:12-24

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