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Does God give us gifts to bless people of other faiths or no faith?

“The Passion for Humanity”

Romans 1:16, 17 says “For I am not ashamed of the gospel of Christ, for it is the power of God to salvation for everyone who believes, for the Jew first and also for the Greek.” Did you notice that the verse says that Christ came to the Jews first? That is a direct implication that Jesus never intended to only reach one group of people. In fact, if we look closely at His ministry, He often went to minister among the Samaritans who were known enemies of the Jews (John 4:9). And His course of direction was definitely intentional. And when Jesus returned to His rightful place in heaven, He empowered us with His Spirit to use our gifts and talents for His glory. When His power – we call it that Holy Ghost power – combines with our gifts we are able to fulfill our life’s purpose.

One thing is for sure, our lives aren’t being lived if our actions are solely for our convenience and benefit. As people, we are wired by God to feel best when we give. We have only lived when we lived to bless others. Since The Holy Spirit enables us to carry out purpose, it is important to look at the depth and width of His expectations of our ministries. In Acts 1:8, Jesus explained that when we receive the infilling of The Holy Spirit He would empower us to be effective in “Jerusalem, Judea, Samaria” and “the uttermost parts of the earth”. These territories signify that we should be able to impact people at home (Jerusalem), our neighbors (Judea), our enemies (Samaria) and whomever God sends our way or He sends us to (the uttermost parts of the earth).

People may have a preference of whom they’d like to impact, but God’s plan for our lives is

never and in no way exclusive. And I repeat.... God’s plan for our lives is never and in no way exclusive! So, here’s our question: Is it possible to effectively minister to people with whom we don’t relate? And the follow up question is: If someone with whom we can’t relate to asks us to tell them about Jesus, are we unqualified to do so because we don’t share the same life experience or background? And we have one other questions: Are we wrong if we are not equally passionate about everyone receiving salvation and overall being blessed by God throughout life?

STUDY REFERENCE SCRIPTURES John 4:1-26 / Acts 1:4-8, 2:1-13

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