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Is it possible to have a sinful personality?

“How God Uses Personalities”

So, what is a personality? Webster defines it as “the characteristics that distinguishes an individual”. In The Bible, Peter has one of the strongest and most notable personalities. His distinguishing characteristics were enthusiasm, impulsiveness, being strong-willed and sometimes even being brash. John 13:8, 9 is an example of how Peter was outspoken and strong-willed when Jesus tried to wash the disciples’ feet and he refused him. John 18:10 displays Peter’s brash and impulsive personality when he cut off the ear of the soldier who had come to arrest Jesus. How about when loud, boisterous Peter began cursing in Matthew 26:74, as an attempt to prove he wasn’t one of Jesus’ disciples. But we saw God take the same personality, the personality that He gave Peter, and use it for good. Like when the out-spoken, strong-willed Peter spoke up to declare what took place in The Upper Room in Acts 2:14. And how about Peter’s impulsiveness that had him walking on water with Jesus in Matthew 14:28, 29. And we can’t forget how “Mr. Spokesperson” became the mouthpiece for the Gentile church in Acts 15:7-11. The issue wasn’t Peter’s personality because that was how God wired him. The issue was how Peter used his personality to sin. Becoming saved doesn’t mean we lose the traits God gave us, it means we now use our personalities for the use of Kingdom building! So, give some examples of how certain personality traits can be used for wrong and then used for God. And while you’re at it, here’s a question for us: How can the church improve on accepting all personalities to help with leading souls to Christ?

So many have tried to become a different person by pretending to be someone God never created them to be. Even if we admire traits in an individual, we must never try to become them. Even if we admire the way someone works a particular ministry, or operates under the anointing, we must be mindful that God wants us to be ourselves – no one else. Allow God to finally get the glory from the personality He gave you. When He created you, He gave you everything you need to be you! And being you will be the only thing that will bring you true success and fulfillment, and truly bring God the greatest glory from your life.

REFERENCE SCRIPTURES: Matthew 14:22-33 / John 13:1-14 / Acts 2:1-47 / John 18:1-13 / Matthew 26:69-75

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