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“God Made No Mistake When He Made You”

Question: When do hairstyles, hair dyes, makeup, piercings and tattoos cross the line from physical enhancement to trying to change how God created us?

Magazines, billboards, flyers, books, websites, television shows, television commercials, social media ads, movies… we are bombarded with images that suggest that the average person isn’t pretty enough, handsome enough, not the right weight, not the right height and not the right complexion. An interesting psychological study reveals that the more we hear a lie, the more likely we will begin to believe it. And either subliminally or directly, many have come to believe the media’s suggestions that how God created them is just not good enough. But God’s truth must be broadcasted - when God created us, He did not make a mistake! In fact, the work He did on each of us makes Him worthy of worship! Psalm 139:14 confirms this when it says we are “fearfully and wonderfully made”. In fact, our bodies are so wonderfully sacred that God considers them His temple, according to 1 Corinthians 6:19, 20. So, here is our first question: Why do you believe many people accept society’s opinion of our appearance and not God’s?

The point of this blog is not to debate if make-up is a sin, or if women should cut their hair. I’m not interested in stirring up a debate on if piercings and tattoos are evil or harmless. But I do want us to consider the fact that there are those who use these tools to disfigure and distort their bodies because they hate their bodies, and even themselves. And although there are those who have made very radical changes to their appearances due to their struggles with self-esteem, there are those who struggle just as badly although they wear little or no makeup at all. Which leads to our next questions: How do we convince them to love and embrace their image as God does? And of course our question of the week: How do we know when we’ve crossed the line from physical maintenance and enhancement to simply trying to change who God created us to be? And how can we prevent it with us, and with others?


1 Corinthians 6:15-20

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