Member Care Groups


At The Praise Zone, we want people talking to each other, helping each other, and growing together. We want our members and visitors to experience fellowship and care as a fellowship of believers.


Member Care works to help us all care for one another. We work together to bring the love of Christ to those who are experiencing need for prayer. We connect with the family of faith when someone is in hospital or has a new baby, or when there is a death. And we have ministries to those who are no longer able to worship with us, delivering to them tapes of worship or flowers, as well as visits to show we care.


Below you will find more details about our efforts to be faithful to our mission. Volunteer to work with one of the groups now by sending an email



To be alert to the concerns of our congregation.·

To endeavor to promote compassion, support, encouragement, and a general feeling of mutual love and care among all church members.


Call Teams

The Church is establishing Call Teams. Through our callers, you will be informed about church members who have special problems that call for your interest, prayers and support. Some of these calls report deaths, hospitalizations and illnesses while others share joys such as births, adoptions, etc. Calls will be made only with the approval of the family involved following review by the pastor and/or first lady. If a church member experiences sorrow or joy, we have the opportunity to share in that event through our interactions and prayers.


Shepherd Groups

The Church will establish up to 34 Shepherd Groups. Every active church member will belong to one of these shepherd groups we will establish whose leaders are urged to be in close touch with their group members through personal contacts, prayer and providing support in times of need. These shepherd group leaders are the first to be contacted when it is learned that one of their assigned group members may need prayer, support and encouragement. All members of that group should feel a responsibility for one another. A list of all shepherd groups will be available in the church lobby as they are established.


Morning Worship Flowers

Morning worship flowers not only beautify our sanctuary during worship, but we wish to establish a practice of delivering following worship to someone in the church who was not able to attend worship on that morning or who has been shut in for an extended period.


Food and Flowers

Food and flowers are also needed in some situations where there has been death in our church family. Our committee has members responsible for this activity.



Correspondence to members of the church congregation who have experienced joy, celebration or sorrow in their lives is also a function of the member care committee.


Nursing Ministry

A Nursing Ministry is needed, this is a critically needed and important part of member care. Our group of ministry nurses providing education on health and related issues to the congregation through this website and meetings at the church, and sponsoring health fairs, blood drives, blood pressure screenings, etc. is highly desired.

Transportation Assistance

We wish to establish a team to provide Transportation assistance. We need volunteers to take church members to hospitals, doctors offices, to worship and other church services, etc. when such a need exists and service is requested.


Grieving Support

Grieving Support is available on a confidential basis to church members who are experiencing difficulty following the death of a loved one. In addition In addition to the above services, there will be a core group of volunteers who are needed to seek to reach out to members in times of death and other stressful situations. If you would like to know more about member care activities or wish to participate in some aspect of this group outreach, please do not hesitate to let me know or speak with my dear wife, Lady Nicole Porter. If there are other areas of service which the church growth and retention department should consider you can let us know about those as well.


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