Greeters and Guest Services Ministry

The Greeters and Guest Services Ministries provide a warm, friendly, caring, and comfortable experience for Praise Zone attendees and guests during worship services and special events. Exciting teams of volunteers impact hundreds of lives and build lasting relationships by serving together on a weekly basis.


Being a greeter or a guest services volunteer involves more than just standing at the door and lobby area and shaking people's hands as they enter the sanctuary. It is the gift of helping as stated in I Corinthians 12:28, “And God has placed in the church first of all apostles, second prophets, third teachers, then miracles, then gifts of healing, of helping…”.


In today’s 21st century culture, the role of the church greeter and guest services representative are no less important than any other ministry. In this age of always connected-always on, a handshake and a service program are not enough to make the first-time guest feel welcome. Like never before, guests are paying more attention to how they and their families are treated. They want to feel they are important and accepted. If they are not made to feel special, the Internet provides a world of other options for them to pursue.


In order to respond to today’s guests, church greeters and guest service representatives more and more must cover the entire church from Entry-to-Exit. In conjunction with the Safety and Security Parking Lot Ministry, this group is usually the first impression our guests get of our ministry. This team has a unique opportunity each weekend  to express God’s love by setting the tone of the upcoming worship service for those visiting our campus. They have to be quick to provide helpful answers to questions and committed to making our guests feel relaxed and at home in our facilities.


Since greeters and guest services representatives are ambassadors of our ministry and our Lord, they must also be willing and able to share our beliefs and vision with newcomers. With a simple “Thank you for coming!” this group can also be the last impression a guest has of our church.


To learn more about how to become a Greeter or Guest Services volunteer, please contact Sister LaShay Venters-Holiness.