Frequently Asked Questions


If you are new to the Praise Zone Ministry (Kirkland Memorial 2nd Church of God in Christ). These are a few of the frequently asked questions.  Many more of your questions will be answered when you join us for an uplifting Praise and Worship service, along with a life changing, Bible based 21st century relevant sermon.  Take the first step to becoming an active disciple in our ministry by joining our church family, during New Members/Disciples orientation we will answer all your questions with a plethora of information, discussion and dialogue with the Pastor.  We welcome you to join one of our many small interest groups for an engaging, life changing experience with other members with life experiences similar to yours.

How long are the worship services?


The Praise Zone weekend worship services are typically one (1) hour long.  We start promptly at the announced/posted weekend worship start times, and end accordingly, typically one hour later.  Ephesians 5:16 reminds us to "redeem the time" because the days are evil. We believe that while there is no God-ordained length for a time of public worship, there should be a sensitivity dictated by 1 Corinthians 9:21: "To the weak I became weak, to win the weak. I have become all things to all men so that by all possible means I might save some." 

What is the music like?


We believe that our time with God should be a joyful experience and that all who attend should feel free to participate as they are most comfortable. Our praise and worship includes both high energy/upbeat music and more reflective songs. When worshiping at the Praise Zone, it will be difficult to sit without moving within your heart or physically.   We are the Praise Zone... so plan to get your praise on while you are visiting with us at our church.  God is in the place and we give him the praise.

What are the sermons like?


Our Bible based sermons are typically linked to our Bible Study lessons and in line with our doctrine. This achieves two things, it assures a better connection and understanding of the Word of God, because the individual Bible study, group Bible study and the sermon are linked and series centric. This approach brings clarity to the Word of God, especially since the sermons are connected to the series, are Bible based yet 21st century relevant. The weekly message is filled with practical life applications and sprinkled with humor; each message will help you deal with the real everyday issues of life. What you learn on the weekend, you will be able to draw upon throughout the week.

What should I wear?


When you visit us you will find people wearing whatever they are comfortable in. We are much more interested in your connecting with the church and finding a place to facilitate your spiritual needs than what you wear.  Every soul that walks into our church is important to us, your becoming an engaged member of our ministry is important, you giving your life to Christ is important to us, you developing friends and relationships that nurture your growth spiritually, and in ministry is important, not your attire.