Praise Zone

Level5 Leadership and Ministry Education

"Everything Rises or Falls on Leadership" - John C. Maxwell

Praise Zone Level5 Leadership and Ministry education strives to achieve the best for the work of the mnistry.  We combine practical, relevant learning, mastery and understanding for the enhancement of winning souls for Christ as directed by scripture, properly leading fellow Christians in ministry, Kingdom building, and the maintenance of God's spiritual and physical house of worship and associated facilities.


Leadership and position training are the cornerstones of the this leadership and laity education department,  including but not limited to overseeing general Level 5 Leadership training for the leadership of the Praise Zone ministry, general department and auxiliary position training, seminars, and other designated education opportunities offered on the Praise Zone campus.  Other areas of education responsibility includes ministry finance accountability and management systems seminars and training,  church growth and member retention seminars and training, ministry program design and execution, ministry department and auxiliary organization development skills, general team leadership skills. and ministry risk management.  The department as required will host seminars and training detailing the implementation of technology in a department, and/or growing ministry to support it's on-going growth, including website design, social media management, electronic communication and administration.


Required reading for all Praise Zone leadership and up and coming leaders are the following:



Review the two powerful videos below, as well as the August 2011, John C. Maxwell excerpt below and order your leadership reading mentioned above by clicking either of the three (3) hyperlinks.  We look forward to seeig you at a training session and seminar in the future.




















What are the 5 Levels of Leadership? By John C Maxwell


John Maxwell gives a quick overview description of Level 1 through Level 5 by clicking the title hyperlink above. In his book, each level is explained in detail in its own section, where you’ll learn the upside of the level, the downside, the best behaviors for that level, the beliefs that help a leader move up to the next level, and how the level relates to the Laws of Leadership.  Click the title hyperlink above to watch, listen and learn the 5 Levels of Leadership and then buy the book for expansive learning that will help you and us in ministry.







































John C. Maxwell

"Defining Success"

Jim Collins

"Good to Great"