The Bible says…”They devoted themselves to the apostles’ teaching and to the fellowship, to the breaking of bread, and to prayer. All the believers were together and had everything in common. Every day they continued to meet together…they broke bread in their homes and ate together…and the Lord added to their numbers daily those who were being saved.” Acts 2:42, 44, 46-47


There are many reasons to join a Small Group. Some of these are understanding the Bible better, feeling like a part of New Community Church, learning how to handle stress and pressure better, and developing skills you never knew you had.


Employment and Career Growth Group

A group of exciting people desiring to do great things in the workplace to advance their current careers, and the careers of any and all that will come to our seminars and workshops to advance and/or enhance their careers. As a group we seek to locate job postings, exchange ideas, advise of career opportunities, discuss strategies and exchange information regarding opportunities.


We coordinate and participate in employment and career seminars and workshops sponsored by the Praise Zone and facilitated by Sister Sandra McIntosh. We work together to assist and expand career opportunities for all, we do all we do to assure new employment opportunties in multiple disciplines are uncovered and shared with participants of our group. For information regarding upcoming seminars/workshops, and regarding current career or job opportunities in the Washington, DC Metro area, please send an email to to the Employment and Career Growth group facilitator at:


Financially Free Group - A group of ordinary people doing extrordinary things including exploring and raising awareness about Godly principles for effective handling of money, and addressing the financial problems facing young singles, divorcees, and families today. We help each other deepen our relationship with the Lord, strengthen our relationships through the new skills for managing what God has given us and will give us financially. We work together to assure participants of the group are receiving cooperative assistance implementing financial strategies that assures financial stability through budgeting, managing credit and assuring the comforts of financial stability. Email address to reach the Financially Free facilitator:


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