Elders and Ministers Council

The Kirkland Elders and Ministers Council is headed by Elder Roland Tisdale. The Elders and ministers are called for spiritual guidance and support to the body of believers.


The council's purpose is to encourage and strengthen the growing clergy of the Praise Zone ministry, to support the Pastor in ministry and execution of the Great Commission. The council's mission is to provide fellowship opportunities; spiritual enrichment; and educational programming to fuel the effectiveness of the men called of God to advance the Gospel of Jesus Christ.


As members of the Elders and Ministers Council, we support and pray for each other; work, worship, and fellowship together as peers and colleagues. We are, after all, the people who are charged to know best the issues, rewards, trials, and satisfactions of the vocation to which we are called.


The ministry membership assembly values the Council's wisdom and leadership in the support of the Pastor and the vision in the fullfillment of the Great Commission, winning souls for Christ and creating disciples for his army of believers.







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