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Prayer is power, and we wish to approach the throne of GOD with you because we have faith that in GOD's time he will bring about an outcome that truly answers your prayer. During any time of uncertainty, we must always hold on to the security provided by the truth that GOD always knows best. GOD is intimately familiar with any and all of your needs and requirements, and especially at this moment at which you may submit your prayer request below. No pain, no troubled or broken heart, no loss, and no need for gain is beyond GOD's reach. You do not need to face life's challenges alone. If you need help, reach out. There is assistance. There is hope.


In addition to the option of submitting your prayer request for entry in the "Prayer Changes Things" Newsletter for the Prayer Groups, you are invited to enter your confidential prayer request to me directly here at the online Praisezone. A prayer request submitted here is for the benefit of confidential prayer if you desire me to take a prayer before the throne of our Lord and Savior personally for your benefit.


As the pastor of the Kirkland Memorial Church of God in Christ, I wish to extend you a personal invitation to join me and the church ministry for prayer on any night of our worship services. Please reference our Worship and Services Schedule on the top left of this screen. We desire to reach out and touch your life, not only for this one prayer request, but for a life-time. Please come join us in prayer when you need in-person comforting with the Saints of GOD during your moments of joy, moments of sorrow, moments of confusion. We will work with you to help with lifestyle skills transfer to enhance your lifestyle with seminars, counseling and prayer.

We are here for you. Challenge us, stop by and join us in prayer, worship, or simply drop an email or call us.

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