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Kirkland Memorial 2nd Church of God in Christ

 A Relevant Bible Based Camp Springs Church 

5225 Manchester Drive

Camp Springs, Maryland 20746


Elder Reginald Davis, Pastor

Evangelist Shan Davis, First Lady


Our Camp Springs Church welcomes you to join us for a weekend worship service. We are looking for Men and Women, teen and pre-teen disciples that are prepared to be difference makers in the community-at-large, at home, on the job, at school, and on our college campuses.  The Praise Zone is a ministry of praise, worship, growth, diversity, and unity. The ministry is directed by the Holy Scriptures.  Joining us will avail you to a host of resources to assist you in your day to day spiritual walk with Christ during these exciting and challenging times

of the 21st Century.  Small Groups centered around your personal interests, weekend worship services, Sunday Bible Study, and online access to the worship experience.

Worshipers are invited to join us and seek a deeper and more intimate connection with God, expand your

faith by learning the scriptures, and demonstrate your faith through accountability, stewardship and servant-hood.


Whether you're just beginning to know about Jesus, or you've been following Him all your life, there's a place for you here at the Praise Zone.  Click on either of the videos for a small sampling of what to anticipate during a one hour weekend worship experience at the Praise Zone.


We Encourage Men and Women to take the 4-Week Challenge:It's hard to judge a church by attending only

one weekend service,so we've got a challenge for you.  Come each week for four (4) weeks, and if you don't

see marked improvements in your daily and spiritual life, perhaps we're not the church for you.  However, if

you do see a change, join the growing membership, get involved, and become a disciple in God's Army.  Begin

outreach and bring a guest to find what you have found...A ministry about the spiritual growth of Men and Women, Young Adults, teens and children.


All people regardless of ethnicity, race, gender, economic background are welcomed at the Praise Zone. Make this weekend the first of your new journey and worship experience with the Praise Zone.


Join us and you will find the Word is delivered in a relevant way that everyone can relate to in their daily lives.  Then keep coming and bring others, because that's just the beginning of all God has for you, 

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