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   THE PRAISE ZONE - A Bible Based Ministry


Women's Conference and Retreat May 23 - 24

The 2014 Praise Zone Women’s Conference and Retreat, May 23 - 24, 2014 will feature author, business woman, mother and politician, Dr. Sylvia Jordan.   This Year’s Women’s Conference will focus on:  “Self-Discovery: Whether it be Your Book, Your Business, Product Development, Your Dreams and More for Results in 2014."  The weekend conference and retreat will be followed the next day (Sunday) by two - 1 hour powerful and uplifting Women's Day worship experiences at 8 AM and 11 AM Sunday morning, May 25th.  Men, Women, Friends, Family members, Co-workers, neighbors are invited to join the ministry for a day of celebrating the Women and their contributions to ministry, society, family, the government and Corporate America.  Then, all of those that were in attendance of one of our two (2) Sunday morning worship services are invited to join us for a Celebration of Women Seeking Results in 2014 -no cost -  "Red Hot and Blue Bar-B-Q Feast" on the Praise Zone Campus.  You do not want to miss the Friday - Saturday, May 23-24  Women's Conference and Retreat, nor do you want to miss the two powerful one hour worship services 8AM or 11AM, Sunday, May 25th.  Click Dr. Jordan's picture to view the promotional video of this year's exciting conference and retreat.

Then click the donate button below to use your Credit/Debit card or PayPal account to donate your registration fee for attendance of the Self Discovery Women's Conference and Retreat for Results in 2014.

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     Bible Study Updates

Superintendent Porter and Sister PorterPastor David Porter and Sister Porter and our entire ministry welcomes you to join us for a weekend worship and praise service soon. We are looking for Men and Women disciples that are prepared to be difference makers in the community-at-large, on the job, on our college campuses. Join a ministry where we are focused on "Praising God, Embracing People, and Changing Lives." The Praise Zone is a ministry of praise, worship, growth, diversity, and unity. The ministry is directed by the Holy Scriptures, under the strong leadership of the senior servant of the ministry, Pastor David J. Porter.

Pastor Porter also serves as the Superintendent of the Great Commission District of six (6) other local churches, an extension of the office of the prelate, Bishop Neavelle  A. Coles.   Pastor Porter, his lovely wife, Nicole Porter, and the entire Praise Zone membership assembly, welcome you to come join us at the "PRAISE ZONE" campus for  one of our one (1) hour weekend worship services.  See the "Worship and Services Schedule"  and  our Ministry Calendar at the top left of this screen.

Click  the image to view a growing catalog of relevant sermons. Then plan to join us or invite someone to join you for one of our exciting weekend services - Praising God, Embracing People and Changing Lives, and next consider becoming a disciple at the PRAISE ZONE.   ENGAGING, RELEVANT, INSPIRATIONAL - These are Words that describe the Worship Experience at the Praise Zone. Led by Pastor, David J. Porter, worshipers are invited to seek a deeper and more intimate connection with God, expand their faith by learning the scriptures, and demonstrate their faith through stewardship and servanthood. Whether you're just beginning to know about Jesus, or you've been following Him all your life, there's a place for you here at the Praise Zone.

We Encourage Men and Women to Take the 4-Week Challenge: It's hard to judge a church by attending only one weekend service, so we've got a challenge for you.Come each week for four (4) weeks, and if you don't see marked improvements in your daily and spiritual life, perhaps we're not the church for you; but if you do see a change, join the membership, get involved, and become a disciple in God's Army, begin outreach and bring a guest to find what you have found... A ministry about Men and Women, Young Adults, teens and children "Praising God, Embracing People and Changing Lives".  All people regardless of ethnicity, race, gender, economic background are welcomed at the Praise Zone. The Word is delivered in a relevant way that everyone can relate to in their daily lives.

Then keep coming and bring others, because that's just the beginning of all God has for you! Follow Jesus with us by Praising God, Embracing People and Changing Lives, as we serve together.  During each year there are events for Men, Couples, Women, Children. Take a look at a few pictures of recent campus events on the Praise Zone Campus, click:  RECENT EVENTS    Along with worship, praise, prayer, and events, our Sunday Bible study sessions are structured so that men study and share the Gospel with each other during bold discussions and dialogue during the Men's Bible Study Class sessions. Our Sunday Bible study format equally affords open dialogue and discussion for women during the Sunday Women's Bible Study class sessions assuring a relevant perspective is discussed specifically delivered and directed from a woman's advantage point , while the teens, young adults and children have their relevant Bible Study sessions at the Resource Center and in classrooms on the lower level of the sanctuary.   There is something for everyone when joining us on our campus.

Loving God, and the Word of God are made real and can be applied to your life, no matter where you are on your spiritual journey. Come join us as we Praise God, Embrace People and Change Lives.  However, when you arrive, be prepared to worship the Lord boldly, and join a formidable ministry force for his Holiness.   Join us for a weekend service as we Praise God, Embrace People, and Change Lives.
When joining our ministry,  you will experience worship, praise and spiritual study.  We appeal to people who have a deep thirst for spiritual knowledge and those who seek, desire and expect superior results from their effort. Whether a single dad, single mom, divorcee, teenager, or longtime married couple; whether African American, Caucasian, Asian, Hispanic, Pacific Islander or other;  whether working or unemployed;  a homeowner or renter; a post-college graduate, high school graduate, or still in grade school—the Praise Zone has a place for you in our ministry.

During the week, you are encouraged to join us for a small group Bible Study for all age groups Monday - Thursday at 7:00 - 8:00 p.m. at designated sites throughout the Washington, DC Metro area. Contact us at (301) 899-6588 for a location convenient to you.

1st Kings 11:38“AND IT SHALL BE! If thou wilt harken unto all that I command thee, and will walk in my ways and do that is right in my sight, to keep my statutes and my commandments, as David my servant did: that I will be with thee and build thee a sure house, as I built for David and I will give Israel unto thee.”

As of July 2013, our title company has completed all Title and associated boundary details, and provided them to our engineering firm, Ben Dyer Associates, Inc.  Ben Dyer Associates, Inc. is continuing the necessary survey work and boundary detail documentation that supports the Preliminary Plan of Subdivision and Record Plat phase of work.  The traffic survey and associated report has been completed by the Lenhart Traffic Consulting, Inc. organization.  We are now fully engaged in Phase 2  of this fabulous journey developing our church campus acreage.  The Trionfo Builders Inc. organization will be the lead construction firm, and  our Architectural firm is Skorpa Design Studio  This  effort continues our enhancment and beautification of our acreage in line with further enhancing our community, Manchester Estates.

This is an initial rendering of the 400 plus seat sanctuary that can be expanded to over 600 seats, with a 50 seat choir stand, and an expansive  stage to be constructed on the Praise Zone campus.  The facility will incorporate numerous classrooms, a sound and lighting booth on the floor of the sancturary for control of sound and lighting during weekend services.  The design includes a videography studio for live recordings of services for distribution to the masses at large via the internet and eventually broadcast TV.  An improved choir stand of over 45 seats will sit behind the  grand stage area where sermons of God's Word will be delivered, praise teams will lead the congregation in worship and praise.  The design includes offices, conference rooms, and other expanded facilities that will allow the Praise Zone army of disciples to better serve the Washington DC Metropolitan area-at-large.The initial floor plan provides the Praise Zone ministry over 400 seats and the floor plan is designed to allow for the addition of a balcony and expanded floor seating to bring the total capacity to well over 600 seats.  The design will allow us to accomodate our growing congregation of believers that are focused on the vision of "Praising God, Embracing People and Changing Lives"

This is an image of the Praise Zone campus via Google Maps, providing an aerial view of the Praise Zone campus as of November 15, 2012.  Excluded from the aerial photo is the newly completed expanded parking lot on the south end of the campus.  We are moving forward with the planning stages and execution of site and construction development of the south end of the campus to build a new larger sanctuary.  This will accommodate our 5-8 year membership growth plan as we continue Kingdom building as directed by the Great Commission.  We will repurpose our current sanctuary building as both a fellowship hall and overflow facility.  We will further expand our parking facilities and exit options to accommodate the many disciples that have joined the ministry, and will continue to join over the next several years.  We thank God for blessing the ministry with a strong leadership team lead by our beloved pastor, Superintendent David J. Porter.  Join a moving and growing ministry, as we continue “Praising God, Embracing People and Changing Lives.”

There is much ahead for God's work and His people.  We are a blessed ministry.

TELEPHONE: (301) 899-6588

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